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Welcome to World Daily Bread


Welcome to this site of inspiration!  The contents of this site will inspire you to make some of the best decisions of your life – decisions to respond to the call of your heart to do something substantial and of lasting value to the world not only to the present generation but also to many coming generations.

You can pass on a precious legacy that many of the leaders of this world couldnt because they lacked the depth of compassion to want to do all that’s in their power to alleviate the suffering of the people in distress in their own nations and in the rest of the world. This website is, therefore, a waste of time for people without deep compassion, without the dream of pursuing goals which when fulfilled would see them leave behind a less suffering world than when they first found it.

But for the man or woman whose heart is sensitive enough to feel the pangs of the sufferings of others, this site could eventually prove to be among their most cherished discoveries. May you be one of them!

If you are a government leader, a policymaker, an influential officer, a professional, or a decisionmaker in business or community, this website will be source of many new insights for your greater perspective of the present global situation, and for your more effective humanitarian efforts.

If you are a young man or a young woman aspiring to positions of leadership in any field of human endeavor, the messages in this website will help you to pursue your goals with greater inspiration and understanding.

I thank you for visiting this website and hope the messages here will inspire you to be closely associated with this mission to bring relief, comfort and hope to a suffering and hopeless world.


Pappa Joseph