Responses to Pappa Joseph Messages

Old Fashioned

Every one in my family likes to read your magazine [formerly editored by Pappa Joseph] and I always suggest it to all my friends. You are doing a great job!

I always read your foreword and every time I admit how right you are and I truly share your point of vieEditw. In this fast hi-tech world it is hard to find a person with strong values. Rather, people consider it quite old fashioned. So I wish you many more years of success.

I am a passionate parent myself. God blessed me with 3 beautiful daughters and being a full timeI dedicate most of my time to their upbringing.

Aeliya Khan   Dubai


Quaint Indian Lilt

You write so well – and I hadn’t actually read an account like that from such a standpoint.

I would very much doubt anyone will take any exception to your editorial – it’s very thought provoking and well written.

David Silcox was here yesterday, and commented how well you use the English language, putting many of us in the shade!

This just in from John Halford [Editor of Odyssey magazine] in the States, Joseph:

“This article passed the acid test – I got past the first paragraph and wanted to continue.

So Joseph can write well! Nice, chatty style – with that rather quaint Indian lilt. He doesn’t need too much work – a ‘stylist’ would mess him up.”

Tony Goudie   UK


Suffering from Depression

I would like to share this with you because it concerns you in a very big way!!!

I had a call early in the morning from a lady who introduced herself as Mrs. J…she registered herself  [for forum hosted by me] and her husband and two kids and then told me her story…

Well she said she religiously buys the magazine every month from the petrol pump and she reads each and every article word by word and absorbs each and everything and her life has changed ever since…

She told me though she has never met the editor, she adores how he writes, his thoughts and his columns…Trust me this woman brought goose bumps on me, to think of someone in this was is really something out of the ordinary!!! It actually means this woman’s whole life depended on your writing…she is at the moment suffering from depression and that’s why she really wants to attend this forum!!

Well I told her Joseph would be hosting the forum and she jumped with joy!!! Yes you guessed right…she said she is going to be the earliest so she can occupy the front seat…

Sukaina Hussein   Senior Sales Manager
Parent Plus Magazine   Dubai


Depression is life’s most deadly affliction, and the deliverance of people in depression is among World Daily Bread’s greatest missions.


Paddle Did Go Very Well, Sir

It’s been almost 20 years since I have left Bethany Academy. So not sure if you would remember me. But I still talk about you to my colleagues and friends. I must admit it was you who taught me all the English I have learned… not to forget the ice cream scoop spanking stick you had… It’s been a blessing to have been your student and so happy to see you now.

Mathews Kuruvilla   Kerala


I remember your face well, but not any of the incidents (though I remember the ‘paddle’ well – I now regret very much using it on my beloved students then, although I meant well for their good.). I am in my 60s now, and the Bethany years with my students have been among my happiest. I will be setting up my website in the next few days, and it’s ‘A Site for the Inspiration of Decisionmakers’ like you.  I will inform you when it’s up. Till then, God bless you greatly in every way, my son.


Paddle did go very well, sir, it did indeed. And I am really proud that I had you as my English tutor. It was from you I picked up my reading habit. Went on quite well that even today I am the one who drafts letters and do language check on important mails and communications in office among colleagues. Above all grateful to God for his grace. Wishing you a blessed day sir. Do remember us in your prayers. Waiting for the info on the website.


The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Children (or Anyone)

I just finished reading your Greatest Gift article… it was pretty deep. It took me quite a while to get through it, a lot of the words were not common to me – disquietude, wizened, imbibed. By reading this I am convinced you are an intelligent man and a professor of education!  I’m taken back!

Anyway, I want to publish this in June… I think it’s beautiful and I dont even have any kids!

What a beautiful article…

Wendy    Editor  
Emirates Parent Magazine   Dubai


Professor of education? Well, actually, I am a college dropout who self-educated himself with just God’s help. And what awesome education he is willing to grant those who earnestly ask him! And because he helped me and educated me himself, PhDs and MBAs attend my seminars and gain insight from my messages.

The article referred by Wendy is available on this website.  CLICK HERE


Guiding at Every Step of Parenting

I am a young mother of a lovely 15 month old daughter, Ananya, who was born here. I must say that you all have really helped me in taking care of my daughter. You are doing an extremely amazing job. For young couples like us who have no daily support from our families it’s really great to have you to guide us at every step of parenting as well as marriage and family issues.

And I would like to tell you that the articles in your magazines are very practical and honest and above all you hold the values that are the same as our parents hold and that have been passed down to us.

I really appreciate all your opinions and sincerely thank you for your guidance.  It really does help us a lot. I hope I can come to you for your help and guidance if I come across any difficult situation in parenting.

Maria Deep   Dubai