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September 21, 2014 at 9:42 am

Amazing and Amusing New Words

Created and Contributed by Users of
‘Change Your English, Change The World’ 


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1. The ambit within which odor from a person’s underarms has effect on.
2. The area within which a person’s arms can operate.

Pappa Joseph



Trick a person into buying someone a drink at a pub.  Noun: bamboozer.

 Pappa Joseph



A wide bread eaten by Puritans, and referred to in their thanksgiving prayer ‘Lord, we thank thee, for thou hath given us out of thy bounty our daily breadth’.  Ref: bread + th, as in hath, doeth, and other words with the suffix ‘th’ loved by King James Bible lovers.

 Pappa Joseph



Breath that smells like death.

Pappa Joseph


dump and dumper  

Technical term used by garbage truck operators to refer to a situation when the garbage bin is full and when it overflows.  Ref: Dumb and Dumber, film starring Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels.

 Pappa Joseph



An egalitarian who eats only ‘vegetarian eggs’, that is, unfertilized eggs, but who also believes that all eggs, even those begotten of an intimate foul encounter, are equally tasty.

Pappa Joseph



Used when members of a church fellowship gather together to sip some beverages.

V. V. Jacob
Kochi, Kerala, India



A bellow used in the lower spirit world to fan the flames of hell.

Pappa Joseph



Opposite of ‘hallowed’, used by Satan worshipers in their lord’s prayer in the verse ‘hellowed be thy nail’.

Pappa Joseph



A kiss given just before one dozes off; a good-night kiss.

Pappa Joseph



Irresistible urge to kiss everyone; sexual urge felt on the lips.

Pappa Joseph



A word used to refer to the race of human beings descended from the original Siamese Twins.

Pappa Joseph



Used in the case of a half-witted castaway when he sleeps off on his mattress on the beach at low tide and is carried away into the ocean at high tide.

Pappa Joseph



A sound made when a moaning person hurts his toe against a stone; the sound made by a groaning person when he complains.

Pappa Joseph



The lease used on dog constables.

Pappa Joseph



Spread bread crumbs on the carpet.

Pappa Joseph



Song you sing while showering.

Pappa Joseph



A word used to describe the action of bumble bees, humming birds, etc, hovering over a flower in a light shower.

Pappa Joseph



Snail mail, that is, mail delivered by the postman.

Pappa Joseph



Song you hear on your car radio when crawling your way through a thick smog.

Pappa Joseph



A smile that masks a snarl; a snarl made to appear as a smile.

Pappa Joseph



A surfer with a secret phobia of the ocean, but loves the sport so much he is willing to suffer for it.

Pappa Joseph



Smatter butter on the table while spreading it on your slice.

Pappa Joseph



A woman who has had her womb surgically strictured as a contraceptive measure.

Pappa Joseph



A soldier overcome with anxiety that he may die in combat.

Pappa Joseph



Users:  Be imaginative with your existing range of vocabulary and come up with more such interesting and colorful creations to enlarge the English vocabulary. Or if you come across such words in any writing, send it over, mentioning the original source.

Copyright warning:  The words listed here belong to the users of Change Your English, Change The World. Anyone planning to use any of them for their own purpose must acknowledge this website as the source, or at least think a thankful thought to us while using the new word. Thank you!




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